Experience what can be acheived with the right positivity-focused, strengths-based processes for human growth.


Experience what can be acheived with the right positivity-focused, strengths-based processes for human growth.

Transforming Veteran Potential into Organizational Strength

Veteran Employers

Each year, nearly 200,000 Veterans transition from the military to the civilian workforce. These men and women are equipped with unparalleled skills and experiences from their time in service and they stand ready to contribute significantly to the workforce and the communities they join.

Unfortunately, the military transition is challenging and often often traumatic.

Veterans are disproportionately affected by severe mental health challenges, including a 57% higher risk of suicide and a 200% increase rates of addiction. These stats represent real individuals facing profound struggles, often silently, which in turn impacts the value and experience they bring to the organization.

The cost of unaddressed Veteran challenges is not just a matter of lost potential; it translates into tangible losses in effectiveness, productivity, and innovation, potentially amounting to millions of dollars.

At the heart of these challenges is a gap in understanding and support—a gap that, when bridged, can unleash the full potential of veteran employees, benefiting both the individuals and the organizations they serve.

Audiences Garret SErves

Veteran Groups

Transitioning back to civilian life brings its own battles, including the quest for clarity, purpose, and self-worth that many Veterans face. Garret’s tailored presentations offer strategies to regain control and a sense of meaning in your life.

Reclaim your sense of purpose and direction!

Veteran Workforce

 Veterans in the workforce bring invaluable strengths, expereince and dedication – but it requires the right support and understanding to fully leverage their potential. Garret will help your team engage Veterans so the organization can thrive!

Maximize the potential of your Veteran workforce!

Helping Professionals

 Professionals who support Veterans face challenges experienced as a result of the complex transition from military to civilian life. Equip yourself with insight and tools necessary to deepen your impact with the Veteran population.

Empower your practice and extend your reach!

Most Requested Topics (Available as Keynotes or Training Workshops)


This program is perfect for:

>> Healthcare professionals working with Veterans.

>> Organizations and support groups focused on Veteran recovery.

The audience will leave with:

>> An understanding of the unique challenges Veterans face during their transition and how these contribute to substance use disorder (SUD).

>> Strategies for fostering recovery through building connection, authenticity, and a sense of purpose.

Description: Understanding the root causes of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) among veterans is crucial for effective support and recovery. This presentation delves into the complexities of the military-to-civilian transition, highlighting the impact on mental health and the development of SUD. Through real-life examples and evidence-based approaches, attendees will gain insights into improving support structures for veterans, ultimately facilitating a smoother transition and reducing the risk of SUD, mental health challenges, or loss of hope.

A lack of connection, authenticity, or sense of meaning and purpose are factors that promote addictive behaviors or SUD for many. This is especially true for veterans who are often unprepared for the unique ways these challenges affect members of the military. Learn how these factors are exacerbated for veterans in transition and how to help veterans navigate this high-risk period of their life.

This presentation will prepare participants for working with veterans by helping them to meet veterans where they are and provide the support and understanding veterans need for their journey in recovery. The audience will experience a shift in understanding and perspective about this issue that will leave them feeling hopeful and empowered to make a difference in the veteran population. By the end, participants will feel better equipped to serve those who have served us.

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This program is perfect for:

>> Veterans seeking personal development and lasting recovery.

>> Professionals aiding veterans in their journey towards sustainable recovery.

The audience will leave with:

>> A clear understanding of the three essential elements of recovery: Confidence, Competence, and Capacity.

>> Practical tools and strategies to build and apply these elements in their own lives or in support of others.

Description: This presentation focuses on the foundational elements necessary for a successful, long-term recovery from addiction or adversity. Veterans and those who support them will learn how to cultivate confidence, develop competence, and enhance capacity, creating a robust framework for recovery. Through engaging storytelling and actionable advice, this session provides a roadmap for overcoming challenges and achieving lasting change.

With addiction recovery, success hinges on the mastery of three essential elements: Confidence, Competence, and Capacity. Recovery is not merely a process; it's a lifelong journey, and understanding the intricacies Veterans face along this path is crucial for those guiding them through it. This presentation delves into the underlying principles that drive enduring recovery, with a specific focus on Veterans.

Confidence goes beyond mere belief in one’s self; it is the sense of ownership that empowers individuals to initiate and navigate transformative change in their lives. Competence comprises the critical knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to support personal growth or transformation. Capacity is what enables those seeking their best recovery to apply and benefit from their Confidence and Competence; it is one’s Capacity that separates those who know what they want and achieve it from those who find themselves falling short.

Designed for Veterans in recovery as well as professionals in the field, this presentation offers valuable insights and practical strategies. We will explore how the journey towards lasting recovery is unique for Veterans who have faced the challenges of military service. Gain a fresh perspective on the journey towards lasting change, and learn how to apply these principles to life and to your work serving Veterans.

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This program is perfect for:

>> HR professionals and team leaders in organizations employing veterans.

>> Veteran employment advocates and/or career counselors.

The audience will leave with:

>> Effective strategies for engaging and maximizing the potential of veteran employees.

>> Insights into creating a supportive workplace culture that values and leverages veterans' unique skills.

Description: Veterans bring a wealth of experience and skills to the civilian workforce, yet often face unique challenges that can hinder their full participation and growth. This presentation offers organizations actionable strategies for effectively engaging their veteran workforce, fostering a culture of inclusion, and harnessing the leadership and problem-solving skills veterans possess. Attendees will learn how to empower veterans within their teams, enhancing overall performance and productivity.

In the corporate battleground where innovation, efficiency, and leadership determine success, the experiences and skills of veteran employees are invaluable assets waiting to be fully realized. "Mission-Critical Performance" is a presentation designed to guide companies in harnessing the full potential of their veteran workforce. This session provides actionable strategies for engaging veteran employees in a manner that not only honors their service but also amplifies their contribution to corporate objectives.

Audience members will learn how to create an environment that recognizes and utilizes the unique leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills that veterans bring to the table. Through real-world examples and proven engagement techniques, companies will discover how to foster a culture that empowers veterans, encouraging them to take on leadership roles and drive innovation. The keynote goes beyond mere integration, offering insights into developing programs that acknowledge the distinct challenges and perspectives of veterans, thereby enhancing their job satisfaction and productivity. Attendees will leave equipped with the tools to transform their veteran employees into dynamic leaders who can propel the company to new heights.

The benefits to the audience are clear: by implementing these strategies, organizations will not only boost morale and reduce turnover among veteran employees but also see marked improvements in team cohesion, leadership development, and overall performance. This presentation is a call to action for companies to invest in their veteran employees, leveraging their unique skills and experiences for mutual growth and success.

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This program is perfect for:

>> Business leaders and managers seeking to foster resilience in their teams.

>> Anyone facing professional or personal challenges looking for effective strategies to overcome adversity.

The audience will leave with:

>> An understanding of how the principles of military resilience can be applied to business and personal challenges.

>> Strategies for building a resilient mindset and culture in the workplace.

Description: Drawing on the lessons of resilience learned from military service, this presentation translates these principles into strategies for overcoming adversity in the business world. Attendees will explore how adaptability, perseverance, and teamwork contribute to resilience, learning practical ways to apply these lessons in their organizations and personal lives. This session not only inspires but also equips participants with the tools to navigate challenges with confidence and strength.

Resilience is not just a survival trait; it's a strategic advantage. "Resilience as a Strategy" is a compelling presentation that draws on the unparalleled resilience of veterans to teach businesses how to thrive in an ever-changing and challenging corporate landscape. This presentation delves into the core principles of military resilience—adaptability, perseverance, and teamwork—and translates them into practical strategies for the business world.

Attendees will gain deep insights into how the principles honed on the front lines can be applied to navigating business challenges, from market fluctuations to internal disruptions. The session highlights how fostering a resilient workforce can lead to innovative problem-solving, enhanced adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to mission objectives. Through engaging storytelling and analysis, businesses will learn how to cultivate a culture that not only withstands adversity but emerges stronger and more unified.

The key benefits for the audience include the ability to create a resilient organizational culture that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth, the development of leadership that inspires and sustains morale even in tough times, and the empowerment of teams to leverage their collective strengths and experiences to overcome obstacles. This presentation empowers companies with the mindset and tactics needed for long-term success, inspired by the courage and resilience of those who have served.

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Garret creates a tailored speech or workshop to address a specific initiative or unique challenges within your organization. This presentation will be customized to your organization's goals or needs and can help tackle a persistent issues or enhance innovation, effectiveness, or camaraderie within the organization.

Garret will engage the audience through an experiential-style delivery that will provide new insights and tangible steps to implement.

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Why Garret?

From navigating the complexities of the military-to-civilian transition to empowering Veterans and their advocates, Garret stands at the forefront of transformative change.

  • Engaging Delivery Garret's known for his relatable humor, engaging storytelling, and interactive delivery. He ensures your audience doesn’t just listen, but truly experiences every message.

  • Proven Impact Blending applied positive psychology and practical strategies, Garret empowers attendees to navigate life's challenges with confidence.

  • Expertise From Experience With an extensive background in human potential training, progream development, and operations in the addiction recovery industry, Garret's insights are grounded in real-world application and proven success.


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