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Drive lasting change for Veterans and those who support them with Garret's engaging insights and heartfelt stories.

Capt. Biss, USMC (Ret.)

Veteran, TEDX Speaker, Award-winning Author, and Respected Thought-Leader in the Addiction Recovery Industry, Garret Biss is a highly-sought speaker and trainer for diverse audiences from national conference stages to the board room.

An esteemed speaker and storyteller, Garret's message blends engineering precision with innovation and military leadership to inspire change and offer practical solutions to complex challenges.

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Trainer | Keynote

From the TEDx stage to conferences to the training classroom, Garret is known for his experiential-training style. Blending humor, audience participation, and heartfelt stories, Garret has a talent for inspiring audiences and equipping them for impact and growth.

Award-Winning Author

Through his writing, Garret blends deep personal experience with actionable advice, making complex concepts accessible and engaging. His writing inspires readers to transform their lives, offering pathways to recovery and happiness.

Recovery Coach

As a USMC Veteran, Garret knows what it takes to help Veterans thrive in their life beyond military service. Surviving a dark period of addiction and suicidal thoughts, he's been there and knows how to lead other Veterans back to purpose, passion, and greater success.


Garret Biss is a retired Marine Corps Pilot.  Post-retirement in 2015, Garret confronted challenges common among veterans: anxiety, depression, and a sense of displacement. Turning to alcohol as a crutch, it wasn't until suicidal ideation took hold that he sought change. Rather than traditional addiction treatments, Garret's path was shaped by mentoring that emphasized self-worth, rediscovering identity, and tapping into inherent strengths. This approach not only alleviated his addictive behaviors but also reignited his passion for life.

This started Garret's journey into studying applied positive psychology and the science of human flourishing. Garret's transformative experience sparked his commitment to assisting others with personal growth and recovery tools grounded in positivity and personal strengths.

Garret's purpose now extends beyond helping Veterans emerge from the darkness; his aim is to propel Veterans to their highest potential for happiness, wellbeing, success, and contribution.

Supporting Veterans &

The Companies who hire them

When Veterans are properly equipped and suported, they bring their best to the workforce; innovation and impact happen — companies and communities excel!

Garret works with organizations to help their Veteran-employees provide their highest value and contribution to the workplace. Veterans are often the most capable, experienced, and determined members of an organization, however, the often traumatic transition from military service can leave many Veterans performing well beneath their best.

This costs companies millions through turnover, lost productivity, and lack of contribution. If you have prior service-members in your workforce, ensure you are gaining the full potential from these Veterans. Garret can help.

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BOOKS by Garret Biss


Transform Your Recovery Journey

This workbook is your first step towards a life unchained from the past, filled with the promise of a brighter, thriving future.

Embark on a transformative journey towards joy and fulfillment with the FIRST STEPS workbook. Crafted specifically for those in recovery, this guide offers practical exercises designed to free you from the shadows of your past, propelling you into a thriving future.

Is FIRST STEPS for you?

Are you feeling stuck in your recovery, sensing that something essential is missing? Perhaps you've made progress but have hit an unexpected plateau, or you're seeking fresh insights to share with clients or sponsees. If your recovery journey feels limited by the emotional and personal aftermath of addiction or substance use disorder, FIRST STEPS will guide you toward the breakthroughs you want.

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Elevate Your Happiness and Fulfillment

What if one new idea could dramatically improve the enjoyment you get from life?

The Spheres Approach is an enriching and empowering message that will help you to break free from the chains of conventional thinking, limiting beliefs, outside expectations and social norms that hold you back. These chains manifest in our lives as tempered happiness, diminished potential and a failed expression of our true self. It's time to break free.

The award-winning book shares remarkable insight about the source of stress and unhappiness in our lives. The result of a 15-year study of personal growth and success, this Spheres Approach to Happiness and Fulfillment is certain to help you reveal a happier and more productive version of you!

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Discover Hidden Benefits of Kindness & Generosity

"This book is a gift that will transform your appreciation for charity and the act of giving."

- Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

"Charity: The Gifts of Giving is filled with ideas that are easily put into practice, and you don't need to have a lot of money to get started. I liked how the author demonstrated through his personal experiences every aspect covered in this book. As I was reading it, I started brain-storming on what I could do and how I could use my personal skills to help others. Biss' attitude on charity and giving is quite contagious. This inspiring book may seem small at first, but it's really very big on ideas to make acts of charity a part of your everyday life. Most highly recommended."

-Review by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Find on Amazon - CHARITY The Gifts of Giving

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