The words of the Philanthropy Activist:

Garret_Biss_2“In addition to my efforts with water, my greater humanitarian passion is sharing a message about the gifts we receive when we give of ourselves for the benefit of others. In my recent book, and through most of my professional speaking, I advocate not for one specific cause but for the act of giving and selflessness in general. I have found tremendous personal gain from my selfless acts and have experienced that even the simplest acts of kindness can bring great joy to everyone involved. I want to share this message with others to remind them that the fastest way beyond our own struggles and challenges is to think of the needs of others.”

Every personal and societal ailment we face is the product of, or is exacerbated by, selfishness. Selfish thoughts, motives and acts are a breeding ground for all of the suffering we know. Kindness, generosity and selflessness provide the cure for much of the heartache and frustration we face.

People have a natural tendency to withdrawal from their life, their friends and their surroundings when life presents challenges and struggles. People stick to themselves or “go internal” until the tides change. In reality, the quickest way to move beyond our own issues is to reach out and do something in the service or for the benefit of another.

Acts of charity or selflessness are the most constructive way a person can deal with their own frustration and pain. The satisfaction and joy we feel when doing something for another is like a ray of sunshine that breaks through our dark clouds and personal woes. Each of us has a place on this planet to make a difference and help others. And, no matter the reason, whether for selfishness or selflessness, everybody benefits when somebody gives.

To read more about this philosophy in Garret’s award-winning book, click here – Charity The Gifts of Giving

WATER – The foundational issue that affects all others:


“Even with the seed, the soil and the sunshine, the miracle of life doesn’t begin until you add water.” Just as water is the catalyst for life, water is the catalyst for hope, promise of a brighter tomorrow, the end of much of the suffering around the globe.


As a philanthropic activist, Garret advocates for the act of charity or generosity in any form. But his personal philanthropic passion focuses around providing life’s most critical resource to those in need – water. Founded by Garret, the organization One Million Goal was started to raise money for and awareness about the lack of clean drinking water around the globe. The mission of One Million Goal is to raise enough money and awareness to provide this life-sustaining resource to One Million men, women and children in desperate need.

One Million Goal (OMG) is a 501.c(3) nonprofit. In just a few short years, One Million Goal has partnered with organizations like charity: water and Trashwater to provide water to some of the most destitute communities around the world. Since 2015, One Million Goal has shared the message with more than 10,000 people and raised enough money to fund clean water projects in Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Nicaragua.

To learn more about the mission of One Million Goal, or to find out how you can become involved, visit One Million Goal, Inc. at