The Spheres Approach to Happiness and Fulfillment

Garret’s most recent book investigates the common sources of frustration and lack of fulfillment in our lives. Facing a challenging time in his own personal and professional life, Garret sought answers to the common questions many face: Why do I not feel more fulfillment if I am working and trying so hard at what I do? Why are things not turning out in life the way I expected? Why do I only get more frustrated and disparaged the harder I try? What should I be doing with my life to experience more joy and happiness? Garret found the answer to these and many other questions with the approach to life he coined “The Spheres Approach”.

“Biss’s approach to managing your ‘spheres’ will set you free to enjoy the happiness and success that your life deserves.”

“This is a book that will help you fulfill your dreams in life!”

“I once spoke with Garret for about an hour and he changed my perspective of life and honestly my happiness”


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A Quick Reference Guide to the Universal Laws(Click Here To Download)

The Universal Laws lay the foundation for understanding and discerning the positive aspects that one can glean from every event or circumstance in their life. Garret teaches people to use the Universal Laws as a tool to find the benefits from our perceived failures and to discover the positive in each challenge or setback. Keep a copy of the Universal Laws nearby so you can refer to it often and empower yourself toward a happier life.

The Spheres Approach- The story behind the story (Click Here To Download)

Enjoy this except from the book that shares how Garret’s philosophy for The Spheres Approach was developed. Garret recounts the moment of clarity during an experience on a deployment with the US Marines when the image of Spheres entered his mind and brought with it the solution to many life challenges and frustrations he had faced. Learn why this Spheres concept was revolutionary to Garret’s life and see what it could mean for the happiness and fulfillment in your life.

CHARITY The Gifts of Givingcharity

A compelling book that examines a different side of the act of charity.
In Charity The Gifts of Giving, Garret Biss investigates the benefits of giving that we don’t often discuss – the benefits we the givers often receive.

Learn how the act of giving can help you find greater peace, happiness and joy in your own life. Biss shares how just a few minutes of kindness and generosity at the right time can be used to spread positive emotional energy, help you ace an exam or presentation, or deal with life’s challenges in a more joyful and constructive manner.

When someone commits an act of kindness or makes a donation for the benefit of another, everybody wins. When you learn to harness the “The Gifts of Giving” you will find yourself enjoying a happier and more fruitful life while making the world a better place for others.

In Charity you will discover:

  • How the positive energy from giving removes the negative energy around us.
  • How generosity can help us combat anxiety and manage stress.
  • Practical ways to give, whatever your budget.
  • Websites that help you give quickly and easily in any way you choose.
  • Ways to leverage your group or organization to create a greater impact on the world.
  • How to create a more fulfilling life experience and more joyful interaction with others.

Acclaim for Charity The Gifts of Giving:

“[Charity The Gifts of Giving] is a powerful and compelling guide that transcends the ordinary ‘how-to’s’ of giving to enumerate the emotional and spiritual abundance you will enjoy from your kindness and generosity.”

“A must read for anyone who regularly gives. A should read for anyone who doesn’t but would like to start experiencing the benefits that giving creates.”

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american_dreamUnderstanding the NEW American Dream: The Challenges and Benefits of New Urbanism

This short but intriguing book was the first book published by Garret. A departure from the self-help and life-enrichment genre, in this book Garret shares his reflections about the future of our American landscape and the built environment. In the 1950s and 1960s our country’s landscape changed drastically with the introduction of transportation technology and economic influence. Social, technological and economic factors drastically changed our standard “American Dream” once before, and we are on the cusp of a drastic change occurring once again. Learn what Garret predicts our future urban landscape will look like and what the “NEW American Dream” is becoming.

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Acclaim for Understanding The NEW American Dream:

“Garret Biss is spot on with his assessment of the future of housing in the U.S. It is obvious he has put a lot of research and thought in writing this book.”

“There is a saying, ‘The books that help you most are those which make you think the most.’  [Garret’s] book really got me thinking.”

“Garret takes a very complicated issue and sums it up to provide a thoughtful assessment of our impending reality in the United States. A worthwhile read – one that should prompt the reader to further research and hopefully action.”



30 Days with Jack Canfield One of the most enjoyable books Garret has written was this book which chronicles Garret’s and his father’s 30-day journey, with Jack Canfield as their guide, into living the Law of Attraction. Garret and his father were accountability partners for 30 days and shared daily emails about their experience. After the 30-day journey, Garret compiled the emails into this book so he would always remember this experience and have a way to share this unique journey with family and friends.

Unfortunately, this book is not currently in print. Garret does have a few copies available for friends and family, so if you are interested, please ask.