“I have found that the way I experience life depends upon the thoughts I have and the emotions I feel. When I am angry or upset, everything around me appears negative. When I am happy and content, everything around me seems positive and beautiful. Since it is my choice what I think, it is my choice what emotions I feel. If I can choose my emotions, I can choose the world I see around me. Therefore, it is my choice whether my life-experience is a heaven or a hell.” – GARRET BISS


A Life Unchained– Many of us are currently experiencing a life that is chained to the confines of conventional wisdom, societal expectations, social norms, and the sometimes best-intended advice of our friends and family. These traditional views imposed on our lives can force us into thinking, believing and acting in ways we are “supposed” to. But, this approach to life creates unnecessary stress while tempering our dreams and our ambitions, and limiting our perceived ability to achieve the success, joy and happiness we are capable of attaining.

In contrast, the A Life Unchained approach to existence encompasses a series of personal development and life enrichment philosophies that can enable anyone to break free from the chains that keep us from living the dream life we desire and deserve.

The first step to breaking free of these chains is learning the concept of “managing your spheres.” The Spheres Approach to Happiness and Fulfillment shares this concept while delivering an uplifting and empowering message that teaches how to separate ourselves from the stress and negativity bombarding us from the outside world. Once relieved of these negative influences, the Spheres Approach empowers us to overcome the self-effacing thoughts and emotions that come from within.

Learning to harness the power of a few fundamental principles, or Universal Laws, can help you unlock the positive side or silver-lining to every challenge or struggle placed before you. The Spheres Approach reminds us how to filter our interactions with others to ensure we best radiate love, compassion and positive energy.

Garret has made his personal mission as an author and professional speaker to educate, empower and inspire others toward a happier and more fulfilling life.

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